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Rochester Ball Park

A Rochester Ballpark meeting was held Thursday night March 3 at the Rochester Community Building. There were 13 Rochester citizens in attendance. Greg Baxter headed the meeting. The ballpark is 90% complete.  The fence (which will go around concession stand) and painting and wiring of the scoreboard is all that remains to be complete.  Holes will need to be dug for the fence.  There was also talk of putting a storage building towards the park (about 6’ by 8’). 

Security cameras will be installed at the ballpark to insure safety.  Delta Faucet is the first request for advertisement.  A welcome sign will be at the ballpark entrance.  There looks to be enough interested for a 4-6 year old team.  Games might be played two days a week.  “We may end up with more games than we thought”, said Baxter.  7-8 year-olds will also play here.  We are hopeful to have girl softball games to be played at the ballpark. 
BCHS fast-pitch softball has expressed interest in practicing at the Rochester Ballpark.  The biggest factor in all of these activities, of course, is the weather.

Some dates of note for the Rochester Ballpark:
April 2 is ballpark cleanup day (weather permitting)
 April 9 will be a coed tournament
April 23 will be Morgantown Little League Field Day at Morgantown
April 30 is Rochester Ballpark Dedication/Field Day(unless used at Morgantown rain date).
May 7 is the rain date for the Rochester Ballpark
Watch the Rochester Ballpark Facebook page for times and any date changes. 

Story and photos by Andy Sullivan, Beech Tree News


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