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Richie Bratcher, Candidate for Butler County Judge Executive

As I announce my candidacy for the office of Butler County Judge Executive, I want to say that Butler County and its citizens are an important part of how I have lived my adult life.  I have always been proud to say "I am from Butler County".  I would also like to say THANK YOU to all our Emergency Personnel.   I know they put their lives on the line every day to take care of our citizens. These services need the support of our County Government.
I am running for this office because I see the need for new leadership and ideas to help make our county grow.  I have served on several different boards, such as Fifth District Volunteer Fire Department, Morgantown-Butler County Chamber, Community Ed. Council, Butler County Extension Office, Butler County Child Abuse, Project Prom Volunteer and founder of Butler County Cancer Assistance (a local organization that raises money to help cancer patients in Butler County).
I'm sure a lot of you have seen me at various sporting events, charity events, church events etc.
If elected to this office I have asked Bonnie Howard Annis to be my secretary.  With Bonnie's experience and my willingness to work tirelessly to help our county progress I feel that we will make a great team.

My door will always be open and I will get answers to your questions.  I will be knocking on doors all across the county to talk to you and ask you for your vote for a new future for Butler County.  If I miss you I am truly sorry and I ask for your vote and support.
I want to THANK YOU for considering me as a candidate for your next Butler County Judge Executive.

REMEMBER:   A Vote for me is..... a Voice for You!


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