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Request for Bids for Cleaning Services

1. Salem Baptist Church is soliciting bids for regular biweekly cleaning services for our church and fellowship hall buildings. 

2. Salem Baptist Church is also soliciting bids for cleaning services after special events (ie. weddings, showers, etc.) for our new fellowship building.

Bidders are required to submit written proposals that present the bidder's qualifications and understanding of the work to be performed. The bidder's proposal should be prepared simply and economically and should provide all the information it considers pertinent to their qualifications. 

The bids must be submitted no later than noon on Friday, April 12th, 2024, directly to the Church at the mailing address or at the listed email address.*

Salem Baptist Church

ATTN: Pam Staples

PO Box 1427

Morgantown KY 42261

*Or Email to Pam Staples: [email protected]

Please see our Facebook page for the cleaning expectations to assist you in your quote. Also please submit separate bids if you are interested in both jobs.


A walkthrough can be scheduled by appointment to view the building before submitting a bid. For a walkthrough please contact Pastor Derek Cain at 859-979-1504 or at [email protected]


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