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Representative Rebecca Raymer Legislative Update

Legislature continues work as 2023 session nears end

The final days of the 2023 Legislative Session are quickly approaching, and my colleagues and I are working hard to enact legislation that represent our community’s views and values. With week six of session in the books, we enter the final week before the veto period.  To date, we have passed 120 House bills and 39 House resolutions. Here are brief descriptions on the legislation passed last week.

HB 544 would aim to clean up the gray area for selling hemp or similar hemp products. The bill would make it illegal for people under 21 to purchase those products. The Kentucky Hemp Program is a staple for our agricultural community, but the selling and usage of unregulated THC is a danger to every Kentuckian who may use it. These products have no standards for production. If someone were to purchase delta-8, they have no way of determining if it is safe. I’m proud to be the primary sponsor of HB 544 as this measure will both protect our consumers and enhance the industry.

HB 311 would prohibit the Department for Medicaid Services or any other Medicaid-managed care organization from requiring licensed health professionals or medical groups offering telehealth services to have a physical location or address in the Commonwealth. Telehealth has served as a vital asset to not only providers everywhere but also patients and patient representatives. We must look out for those who use it, especially those who utilize telehealth while participating in Medicaid. I filed this legislation with the goal of improving access to care for those who need it most.

HB 101 would prohibit Kentucky’s public schools from requiring the COVID-19 vaccination as a requirement for admission. With this measure, we would be giving parents the ability to choose what is best for their children. I signed on to this legislation as a primary co-sponsor because parents are asking me for this protection.

HB 502 would clean-up HB 282 of the 2022 Regular Session, which added additional protections around the hiring and recruiting of temporary nurses.

HB 156 would allow residents in psychiatric residential treatment facilities to designate essential personal care visitors.  Current regulations do not allow personal care providers as visitors within psychiatric facilities; however, similar provisions were implemented in 2022 to accommodate the care needs of nursing facilities. As a registered nurse, I understand the importance of granting some of our most vulnerable patients the opportunity to have personal care visitors.

HB 200 would create a public and private partnership that establishes the Kentucky Healthcare Workforce Investment Fund (KHWIF), which the Council on Post-Secondary Education will administer. 65 percent of investment funds would be used to encourage healthcare partners to establish scholarships for healthcare education. The other percent would be utilized as incentives for universities and other training programs to invest in their existing faculty. This measure would give Kentucky a chance to be ahead of what other states have to offer.

HB 319 would adopt the Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact, allowing educators who hold a license in any eligible state to be granted an equivalent license in Kentucky. The measure would also require the Education Professional Standards Board to accept an “eligible for hire” qualification in place of prior employment for specific certification options. HB 319 would also require the KDE to establish an online statewide job posting system for vacancies, streamlining an existing hiring process that often requires educators to apply multiple times in multiple counties.

On Thursday, we are set to adjourn for the veto period. We will reconvene for the final two days of session on March 29, to consider overriding any vetoes the Governor might issue and deal with any last-minute business. When we adjourn on March 30, we will close the books on the 2023 Regular Session.

As always, I can be reached here at home anytime, or through the toll-free message line in Frankfort at 1-800-372-7181. Feel free to contact me via email at If you would like more information, please visit the legislature’s website at


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