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REPORT: Butler County Emergency Management 2020

Charlie Tomes, Director  Butler County Emergency Management Agency

Butler County Emergency Management Director Charlie Tomes presented the following report recently at a Butler County Fiscal Court meeting:

"I started Emergency Management Director on February 1 of 2019. That same week it began to rain, and it continued to rain and rained some more.

Fast forward to February 6, 2020, and the same thing happened again. Many of our roads were flooded and damaged. Judge Flener signed a declaration of a local state of emergency for Butler County. The state declared a major disaster for all the counties that were affected by the flooding.

Ultimately, President Trump authorized the declaration of Disaster and made federal funds available to the affected counties in the Commonwealth of Kentucky."


"Since the storms and flooding we have been working with the FEMA to obtain funds to assist with the repair of our roadways.

In 2019, 5 projects were developed with several roads added into each project, with the largest project being the upper boat ramp at North Butler Park. The flooding caused the bank to collapse and erosion of the chip and seal portion of the ramp. All projects were completed, and the boat ramp was repaired back in the early fall. Total 229,542.97 Local 13% and State 12%= 57,386.97. "We received approximately 199,702.35 in Federal funds to assist with repairs."

"In 2020, 5 more projects were developed with numerous roads per project. The largest projects are located at Leonard Oak Church Road and Boss Hog Road. We are expected to receive $194,178.54 to complete these projects."

With the 2019 Flooding disaster, came hazard mitigation grant opportunities. We have applied for the following grants:

-2019 Generator Grant: It has passed state review and is in FEMA hands. If received, it would place a generator at the courthouse and all 5 district fire stations, Gilstrap sub-station and Butler County Rescue Squad; $100,000.

-Outdoor warning siren to be installed at the courthouse; passed state review and is in FEMA hands; $30,000.

-Emergency Management has been working with Mayor Phelps and the city of Morgantown on a grant for a 300-person community safe room to be build at the city park; $250,000, still in review.

-Due to the 2020 flooding, we have applied for another hazard mitigation grant to install generators at the senior center/health department building, Butler County Road Department, and at the communication tower.

-Also due to the 2020 flooding we are working with the city of Morgantown as part of the hazard mitigation grant, to install generators at the Morgantown Police Department and the Eva Hawes building."


-Grant Awarded: The outdoor warning siren grant for Rochester has been awarded and we hope to begin project quickly. Total 25,000

2020 Emergency Management Assistance Program Grant Pay ½ of Directors salary, cell phone and IPAD bills. Expected award: Approximately $12,000."

-In 2019, we received the EMA additional funds grant for pick-up truck, enclosed trailer, and mobile radio. $20,243. We received the equipment in 2020 and it is being utilized."

-In 2019, Emergency management assisted the rescue squad with a Rescue Aid Grant for an inflatable rescue boat, class 5 personal flotation devices, and dry suits; Approximately $5,000. This grant was received in 2020 and is being utilized.

We applied for the rescue aid grant again in 2021. We were awarded approximately $2,000 for the purchase of rope and water rescue equipment.

Emergency management assisted Morgantown Fire Department with the State Forestry Grant. They were awarded 5,000 to purchase wild land firefighting PPE and equipment.

In 2019 we received a Homeland Security Grant: Communications infrastructure (new repeaters and antennas). This grant benefits all Emergency Services in Butler County and will improve our communications. It will allow us to replace 6 outdated repeaters with new ones. $176,000. We were able to begin this project this month.

In 2020 we applied for Homeland Security Grant again. We were awarded approximately $118,478 to purchase 50 mobile radios, 20 portable radios with speakers microphones. These will be purchased and distributed to all Emergency services in Butler County. Sheriff, Police, Fire, EMS, and Rescue.

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC Grant): Approximately $1,069. We have Extremely Hazardous Substance (EHS) Response plans that were developed and maintain updates on. Bell south, Delta Faucet (Sulfuric Acid), Morgantown Utilities Water Treatment Plant (Chlorine), Morgantown Wastewater treatment plant, Butler County Water, Green River Feed mill (Paraquat Dichloride) (herbicide).

Covid-19: Covid has been a large challenge fir us al in 2020. Emergency Management has assisted Public health with the pick-up, transport and distribution of Personal protective Equipment, sanitizers, thermometers: to government buildings, restaurants, grocery stores, EMS, school board, Morgantown Care and Rehab, and Doctor’s offices. Participated in many calls, zoom meeting involving Covid. Emergency management has been involved in planning for the distribution of the Covid vaccine coming in the near future, Assisted public health with drive-thru flue vaccine clinic at the city park. (It was basically, a practice run for Covid vaccine).

Virtual Training:

I attended the Emergency Management Director Training.

Attended Tier 2 Manager Training for LEPC.

Attended Pipeline Safely and Response classes.

Participated in 4 Emergency management exercises.

Any Questions? Please contact Charlie Tomes, 270-526-0395

I appreciate all the support given to Emergency management from Judge Flener and the magistrates, I also appreciate all the assistance from Johnathan Deweese and the Road Department, Becky Jacobs, Sandy Keown, Ladonna Nave, Dajana Crockett with BRADD. All these accomplishments were made possible from all of us working together. I also want to thank all the Emergency Services responders Sheriff, Police, Fire, Rescue Squad, EMS, and dispatch for all their hard work, Dedication, and service in protecting our county.

Charlie Tomes, Director

Butler County Emergency Management Agency

110 North Main Street, PO Box 626

Morgantown, KY 42261




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