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Renewing farm tags benefits 4-H

Butler County KY – 4-H has an opportunity to raise funds for Butler County and statewide 4-H programs again this year, through the Kentucky Ag Tag Donation program.

“Kentucky 4-H has again been given a tremendous opportunity by Commissioner Quarles to raise significant funds to support 4-H,” said Melissa G. Miller, Executive Director of the Kentucky 4-H Foundation. “This funding creates life-changing opportunities for local 4-H’ers and cultivates future leaders – instilling leadership skills, citizenship, and life skills in a learn-by-doing atmosphere.” 

Since 2012, Kentucky Farmers have the option to make a $10.00 voluntary donation when they purchase or renew their license plate. Commissioner of Agriculture, Ryan Quarles, will again equally divide the amount raised among 4-H, FFA and Kentucky Proud.

With more than 184,000 farm plates bought or renewed each year in Kentucky, the Commissioner’s action can generate significant funds to support these three outstanding programs.

In 2021, Kentucky 4-H received $243,875.89, from the Ag Tag Donations. These funds are split between the county where the funds originated and the Kentucky 4-H Foundation for state level programs. That means half of the Ag Tag donation stay in Butler County funding programs and activities that teach children and teens about leadership, citizenship, science and technology, communications, public speaking, agriculture, and more.

Over 290,000 youth are involved in Kentucky’s 4-H program. Kentucky ranks in top 10 in several 4-H enrollment categories nationwide. All 120 counties in Kentucky have 4-H programs and all counties will receive a portion of the support from the Ag Tag Donation program.

For more information about Butler County 4-H, visit our Facebook page  or visit our website

About Kentucky 4-H Youth Development:  Kentucky 4-H Youth Development is a community of young people who are being empowered to reach their full potential by developing the skills necessary to succeed in today’s global society.  We believe in the power of young people and that every child has the potential to be a true leader

About Kentucky 4-H Foundation: The Kentucky 4-H Foundation exists to advance today’s Kentucky 4-H Youth Development Program.  The Foundation is a partner of the University Of Kentucky College Of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, 4-H Youth Development.  The Foundation exists to advance Kentucky 4-H by fulfilling its mission to “Fund opportunities for Kentucky 4-H youth.”  Please visit the 4-H Foundation’s website at


By: Lloyd Saylor


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