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Patriotic organizations and members of the community gathered on Saturday, June 8, to remember D-Day (June 6, 1944) and honor all those who fought in what led to the liberation of Europe and ultimately a victor for the Allies over Nazi Germany in World War II. The event was held at the Charles Black City Park in Morgantown.  


Melanie Hunt, Regent, Green River Chapter (NSDAR) welcomed those in attendance. 

The General Richard Butler Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, presented the flags.  

The invocation was given by Lynda O'Driscoll, Regent, Butler County Chapter (NSDAR) and Karlee Gaddie, from the Green River Society (NSCAR) led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Dana Phelps, treasurer, VFW Auxiliary Post #5837 (Morgantown) read the poem "We Can't Imagine," written by Teresa Harrison-Best.  

We Can’t Imagine

We can’t imagine what you thought

whilst waiting there to sail.
We can’t imagine what you feared
if D-day were to fail.

We can’t imagine what you felt
as nature showed her rage.
We can’t imagine what you said
before the great rampage.

We can’t imagine what you saw
as comrades fell and died.
We can’t imagine how you mourn
with the knowledge, you survived.

We can’t imagine the horror that was
landing on the beach.
We can’t imagine the longest day
and the freedom you sought to reach.
But we can remember you.

--By Teresa Harrison-Best

Melanie Hunt spoke briefly about the history of D-Day, which was the Allied amphibious invasion of Normandy, France - then occupied by the Germans.  The invasion was known as Operation Overlord.  

Elaine Daugherty, chaplain, Green River Chapter (NSDAR) gave the benediction.


A three-volley gun salute was given and "Taps" was played by the Ohio County Honor Guard (AMVETS Post #117 - Hartford). 


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