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Recycling / Solid Waste 2023 January - December

Recycling and Solid Waste made 15 to 20 runs a day for recycling and solid waste issues, processing recyclable materials daily. Old newsprint, white paper, books, aluminum, steel, other various metals, batteries, and cardboard.  There were solid waste issues daily which resulted in picking up household trash, waste tires, mattresses, couches, and various other trash on the sides of county roads in all districts.  

There were 1,984 volunteer labor hours for recycling and solid waste.  $9,469.86 was sold in recyclable materials in 2023.  Recycling has an inventory of approximately 80,000 pounds of various recyclable materials to be sold.  

There were 9 verbal warnings over the County’s Nuisance Ordinance in 2023 and 2 warning letters sent over the County’s Nuisance Ordinance in 2023 working with the County Attorney’s Office.  

During the 2023 County / City Clean Up event there was 234.28 tons of waste collected, an additional 10.98 tons collected was recycled, and approximately 400 waste tires were collected.  The Litter Abatement activities in the county were overseen and worked by the jail crew for 19 days in 2023.

An $8,800 Recycling Grant and $4,000 Waste Tire Grant was received during 2023.  There were 4 illegal dump sites in the county cleaned up with help from the jail in 2023 paid for by Illegal Open Dump grant money.  They have applied for an Illegal Open Dump Grand to get 8 dump sites cleaned up in 2024.

Maintenance of the building and all equipment has been kept up throughout the year with help from the Road Department.  


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