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Second reading of a Proposed Ordinance #2 amending the Butler County Fiscal Court Budget for Fiscal Year 2023-2024, 

To increase receipts to include unbudgeted receipts from:

ROADRoad Borrowed Money$112,911.00

ROADRoad Surplus Prior Year          $ 38,795.00

GENERALGeneral Surplus Prior Year$106,943.60

GENERALState Grant Open Dump$135,169.98

Total Amended Revenues$393,819.58 


and increasing appropriations:


GENERALSheriff Tax Software$  10,200.00

GENERALEmer Serv Repeater Project$ 32,950.96

GENERALSolid Waste Grant Open Dump$168,962.62

GENERALGeneral Transfer Only$ 30,000.00

ROADRoad Machinery & Equipment$112,911.00

ROADRoad Motor Vehicle Parts$ 25,000.00

ROADRoad Principal Mack$ 11,530.00 

ROADRoad Interest Mack$   2,265.00

         Total Amended Appropriations$393,819.58


will be held on Monday, March 11, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. at the Butler County Fiscal Court meeting at the Butler County Courthouse.  A copy of the proposed ordinance with the full text is available for public inspection at the office of the County Judge Executive during normal business hours.


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