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A Proverbs 31 Woman

Tiffany Hampton and husband Mark.

I must admit, whoever said that knowledge and wisdom come with age…was half-right. They also come with experience.  Although, it's kind of a full circle really. The older we grow, the more experiences we will have. And the more experiences we have, the more knowledge we will receive.

The Bible has many, many lessons in it. The older, more experienced I get, the more of these lessons make much more sense to me. Opposed to when I was a child, or even a younger adult.

Since being married, I have learned a lot about how my marriage relationship is like that of Christ. Becoming a mother has opened my eyes even greater. Whenever I have been in question or not totally understood how God views me, I think of how I am as a parent. Whenever I can't grasp the love that God has for me, I think of what happened to His one and only son.

Over the past several months I am learning how strong of a model the Proverbs 31 woman is. I have heard those verses many times in my life. Only since my second son was born am I realizing the amazing story and meaning that those verses hold.

With another child has come less time and more responsibility. Rising early to have my quiet time is valuable - as are all the other qualities she models. Much of my families day, depends on me. Organized, prepared, heart, and love are a few.

These are big shoes to fill. But as women, we all love shoes! These are the most beautiful shoes we could ever wear. I encourage myself and all the lady readers to put on our Proverbs 31 shoes...  God Bless.




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