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Pottersfield Asylum

Blood-chilling laughter and terrified shrieks fill the air at Pottersfield Asylum Friday and Saturday nights just after dark. Visitors to the Asylum travel through the wooded compound that once belonged to Dr. Pottersfield. Be prepared to be scared as you make your way through the dark and twisted playground of a mad scientist to see the aftermath of his "genius." You definitely don't want to spend the night at the campground or get a haircut from the barber here. Don't trust the babysitters either. Watch out for the IZCU Members lurking in the dark. Feel free to visit the mausoleum, but it may be the last thing you do.

Pottersfield Asylum is sponsored by Zombie Ink Tattoos, Skatebox, Party1 Superstore, and Pizza Zone. A portion of their proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society and those funds will remain in Butler County.

Wendy Bolden, one of the owners of Pottersfield Asylum, says that she and her crew work on the asylum year-round and have plans to expand even more. She said that their haunted house has grown each year that it has been in Butler County since moving from Bowling Green. To learn more, you can visit their FaceBook page, Myspace page, their website at, or you can call (270) 261-9639.



One of the best haunted places in these parts!! Way to go Wendy

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