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Phil Chalmers' True Lies Assembly coming to BCHS, BCMS

A nationally-recognized motivational speaker, Phil Chalmers, will be in Morgantown on Thursday, October 11, for two sessions at local schools - 9 a.m. at Butler County High School and 1 p.m. at Butler County Middle School.  A free concert is also planned for 7 p.m. that evening at BCHS with rapper LG Wise.  Topics will include bullying, crime prevention, teen violence, and substance abuse.  The Butler County Drug Free Coalition is sponsoring the event.   

 From Chalmers' True Lies Assembly website ( 

Phil Chalmers is an American author, television personality, motivational speaker to teens, and a juvenile homicide trainer. Phil specializes in bullying and teen murder, and is known as “America’s Leading Authority on Juvenile Homicide” And where does the nation’s leading authority on juvenile homicide reside? In the largest Amish settlement in the world-Holmes County, Ohio. This contrast emphasizes the kind of person Phil Chalmers is, unique and unpredictable. Phil is the author of the popular book “Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer,” his 25 year study on why teens kill, and how to stop them. Phil interviewed over 200 teen killers and school shooters while writing the book. Phil is also the author of the popular teen book “True Lies: 30 Lies That Are Killing This Generation.” Between writing books, communicating with teen killers in prison, helping teens who are being bullied, training police officers and school administrators, and doing cutting edge school assemblies at American schools, Phil is working on a cutting-edge television show about teen murder, school violence, bullying and intervention. This show is sure to be a hit, and will further expose the offenses that are happening to young people, and how we can help them. Phil is married to his beautiful wife Barb, and has two children, an adult son named Phillip who works in security, and his young son Jake whose passion is miniature golf. Phil’s hobbies and passions include local stock car racing, mixed martial arts, the UFC, NFL football, the Pittsburgh Steelers, his local basketball team, the state champion Hiland Hawks, fast cars, vintage collectibles, Pawn Stars, traveling to new cities, spending time with his family, lifting weights, watching movies, and driving his customized Plymouth Prowler.

Phil’s school assembly is intense, thought provoking, and what students describes as “real,” keeping students quiet and on the edge of their seats as he flies through numerous slides, moving videos, true stories, and years of his experiences both with teens and with celebrities. Phil touches on drug abuse, inhalants, drunk driving, crime prevention, bullying, prison life, self-esteem, suicide and signs of suicide, school violence, Facebook safety, decision making, and much more. Phil will mesmerize your school with his stories and illustrations, and your students will leave the auditorium wanting more. The most popular feedback from students are “he spoke on our level,” “he kept it real,” and “he spoke right to me.” Many students report that their life was saved at the assembly, and that prior to the assembly they were considering sex, drug use, suicide, and violence. And the coolest thing about brining Phil Chalmers to your school, and his special guests like his rapper LG Wise, is your students can reach out to Phil and his guests on Facebook, and have continued communication with them. If you want to make your school a safer place for students, teachers, and the school’s leadership, bring Phil Chalmers to your school as soon as possible. Numerous references are available upon request, and a list of Phil’s past clients and his testimonials can be found at



This sounds like a well needed and wonderful opportunity for students of Butler County. The only problem is that I would love to see it also! Is there an opportunity for the parents and others to see this? After reviewing the website noted in your story, I found this: "OCTOBER 11: BEAVER DAM, KENTUCKY Phil will be performing his True Lies School Assembly for the students Green County and Ohio County. Appearing with Phil will be rapper LG Wise. For more information, contact Jody Flener at (270) 274-7787" Is there a scheduling conflict or has his site not been updated to reflect the change to Butler County Schools? Again, I would like to see his speech myself and I am sure many others would appreciate the opportunity also. Could you please investigate and clarify what appears to be a scheduling conflict as well as let the public know if they can attend?
For those of you that may be as ignorant as I am and looking back to this comment for some answers to the questions posed, here is the answer. When you first load up BTN there is a little scrolling "News Ticker" that I never ever noticed until it was pointed out to me today! No matter how important the issue, I guess that little news ticker is where you may find it. The answer is "yes, anybody can attend the True Lies event." I have been looking at the BTN website since it has started and can honestly say that I have obviously overlooked the TICKER all this time. I apologize for my ignorance, I guess college degree's don't always pay off.

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