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Pendley Retires from Morgantown Utilities

Joyce Nally, Timmy Pendley, and Randall Gaskey

Timmy "Pinball" Pendley officially retired from Morgantown Utilities after 27 years of service on July 31, and several gathered to wish him well.  He started working on October 25, 1990, and became the first person to retire with full years of service from Morgantown Utilities.  During Pendley's tenure, he worked for Larry Martin, Woody Martin, Dewayne Colter and Randall Gaskey. Co-workers presented Pendley with a Blackstone Grill and served cake and homemade ice cream.

What has changed the most in your 27 years at Morgantown Utilities?
" I went from manually reading the meters and doing a lot of walking to now scanning the meters from my truck."
What will you miss the most?
"The good people I work with daily, I will not miss being called out during the middle of the night."
What do you plan to do now?
"I plan to do a lot of fishing."

Don't be surprised to see Pinball, and his dog Donk ( 190 pound English Mastiff) on the banks of the Green River soon.
Happy retirement and thank you for your service to Morgantown.



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