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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

“It is December, and nobody asked if I was ready,” commented poet Sarah Kay. December is such a busy month that most of us won’t get around to considering the importance of 2023 until it has passed. We are busy making memories until the very last minute – as we should be.

Thinking about a year of memories, I asked friends and family, “What are two or three events that will be included in your memories of 2023?” Their responses are listed below.

-The trip to Scotland and the trip to Idaho, Montana, and Yellowstone.

-Our trip to New York and my grandson playing in little league baseball state and coming in third in their division.

-My daughter’s wedding, and my son moving out. I have a completely empty nest.

-The death of my grandmother and my son’s wedding.

-The trip to Alaska, and the trip to Germany.

-Our family had one wedding, we found out we are going to be grandparents, and our baby turned 16! This has been one of the best years of my life!

-My best friend’s wedding and building a new home! Also, another memory was seeing my boyfriend rededicate his life to the Lord. It was amazing and emotional to see him go in front of everyone at church.

-The two things that stand out to me the most about 2023 are my daughter starting her senior year in high school and I started dating a wonderful man.

-My oldest granddaughter graduated from high school, and I broke my first bone.

-Our baby being born and Christmas.

-My grandfather struggles with his memory. I have been praying specifically that he would remember who I am when he sees me, without me reminding him. I distinctly remember the first day in a very long time that I was walking in to visit him and his eyes lit up in recognition. It filled me with joy and comfort…and it happens more often than not now. I thank God for answering this very specific prayer.

Another 2023 memory that I will hold on to is actually a collection of memories. I have the pleasure of having my son in class this year. I’ve gotten to see so many glimpses of him being a really awesome kid – doing really kind things for others.

A memory that will forever be etched into my mind is my daughter’s reaction when I told her I was taking her to New York for a combination Sweet 16 and 15th adoption anniversary present. It was a reminder of just how thankful I am that she’s mine and how grateful I am to be able to do this for her.

-Let’s see, the 4th of July gathering, the girls going to the pool, and golf cart rides with the girls.

-Starting my final year of high school, leaving the country for the first time, and going to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour with my cousins.

-Being hired as an administrator, having my first surgery as an adult, and my first date with my girlfriend.

-2023 brought radical changes in my life! I have been indescribably blessed to see people I care about recover from addictions, my list of great friends has grown, and my beautiful granddaughter was born.

-Getting a new job at Christmas time, our family vacation, and just in general how much the girls have grown up this year.

-Spending more time at home, visiting my sister in Maine, and having fun with our granddaughter – enjoying her at this age.

-Our family summer beach trip with my mom’s sister and family is our favorite memory.

-My granddaughter telling my wife in my presence, “Grammy, you’re getting old.” When asked by her grandmother, she commented, “Granddaddy is older and wise.” (Sometimes I question the wisdom part of her comment….)

-The horse drive, the trip to Scotland and London, my grandfather’s death, and a new job at a new hospital.

-All the nights I spent taking care of Roofus, and oddly enough, the couple of weeks during March that I spent a ridiculous amount of time with my parents.

Good memories are a blessing that we can pull up anytime, anywhere. Those memories of people, places, and events can encourage us. So, as we look to the future, let’s file our 2023 memories away carefully. And as Brad Paisley said about the New Year, “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.”


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