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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

When the fall weather arrives, my food choices change. For lunch today, I had a delicious salad, but I wanted chili. For a few days now, I have craved chili and hot cocoa. It’s odd how my taste changes with the seasons.

Wondering what others prefer in the fall, I asked friends and family: “What foods do you look forward to or crave during the fall months?” Their responses are listed below:

-Give me all the soups! I love soup and chili!

-Chili, burgoo or vegetable soup.

-Chili, soup, and pumpkin spice creamer or peppermint mocha creamer. Sometimes, wine is definitely a nice treat – more so when the weather is cooler.

-Foods: pumpkin, winter squash, soups, chili, all things that I find comforting. Also, that first time of lighting the fireplace and just enjoying the glow is nice. Driving down a country road and seeing the beauty of the trees changing colors, preparing to let them go for the winter ahead. In days past when my children were first gone off to college, I could smell the game of soccer in the air – those were such special times for us. Now I just try to be thankful that my husband and I had those times and gifts to share.

-Soups! Especially chili. And apple cider. I love bonfires with weenie roasts and s’mores. My husband and daughter love the pumpkin stuff: pumpkin rolls, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin lattes.

-Soups, stews, and chili.

-Potato soup and grilled cheese.

-The foods only certain family members can make.

-Turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie.

-Soups and chili. Also, Thanksgiving Day foods.

-Sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top, cranberry sauce with berries, and of course dressing. I could have them any time, but waiting until the holiday makes them even more special.

-Chili, soups, desserts like pumpkin bread, banana bread, and pumpkin pie. I love the smell of cinnamon and spices in foods.

-Vegetable soup and cornbread.

-Pumpkin pie, cinnamon rolls, and spiced tea (Please, no artificial pumpkin spice donuts or coffee.)

-I crave soup and Chex mix with peanuts, candy corn, and M&M’s added!

-Ice cream, regardless of the season.

-Breakfast, home cooked.

-Soups and Thanksgiving foods.

-Soups. Apples. I’m easy to please!

-Lots of warm soups!

Based on the responses above, when the season changes, people have a change of taste. Emma Laing (PhD, RDN, LD) explained this change, saying: “Colder weather can create biological changes that make us want to eat more…. Oftentimes the foods we choose in the winter months are higher in sugar and fats than we would otherwise consume" (Does cold weather make you crave comfort food? | UGA Online | Online Degrees, Certificates and Courses). Laing indicated that comfort food is acceptable as long as we maintain a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and get exercise.


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