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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

Will people travel this fall? Before the pandemic, fall was often considered a great time for a vacation. Many people, especially with children, may wish to avoid highly-populated destinations. And many may simply want to stay close to home. Nevertheless, Kentucky provides several fall travel choices and is within driving distance of many popular vacation destinations.

An Internet site said, “There are plenty of great autumn destinations across the US, including Tarrytown, NY, Salt Lake City, UT, and Door County, WI. If you're interested in attending fall-themed festivals and events, head to the Kentucky Triangle, Orlando, Florida, or Salem, Massachusetts.” I was delighted to see Kentucky mentioned. We know that Kentucky has at least two triangles that attract visitors. Kentucky’s Golden Triangle includes Lexington, Louisville and Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati. A closer-to-home Kentucky Triangle is made up of Bowling Green, Owensboro, and Paducah, cities that host a variety of autumn events. And finding those fall events is fairly easy through the Internet.

Kentucky state parks are also a good fall vacation choice. State parks offer some choices: state park lodges, cabin rentals, or tent and RV campgrounds. Most campgrounds are open through October, but some are open year-round. Reservations may be made for up to a year in advance, and a site may be reserved for up to two weeks. Some of the activities provided may include golf courses, marinas, multi-use trails, horseback riding, tennis courts, and swimming pools. The parks may be situated near lakes, mountains, or caves, and some parks have abundant wildlife.

Kentucky is also one-day’s drive – or less – from many vacation destinations. Whether your ideal fall vacation includes a water front, a mountain view, or some other attraction, many destinations are within a manageable driving range. All of the states surrounding ours have vacation destinations or events to attract visitors. Decide what you want to do and search the Internet for that activity. The options available are pretty amazing.

The pandemic has affected vacations. But if you want to travel this fall, Kentucky provides several choices, and we are near many out-of-state attractions. If getting away is important to you, be safe and enjoy.


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