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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

I’ve heard that “April showers bring May flowers.” May has traditionally brought me Mother’s Day, blooming plants, and bathing suits. This is because I’m a mom and a grandmother.

First, Mother’s Day is important to me – not because I’m a mom, but because I still have my 90-year-old mother to celebrate. She was blessed with a large family: six children, several grandchildren, a number of great-grandchildren, and a sprinkling of great-greats. My mom maintains her independence and keeps up with all of us. Everyone in the family gets a birthday card from Grandmother G. She’s a reader and watches the news, keeping up with things that interest her. Mom’s first child was born on May 17, 1950 – just missing the May 14th Mother’s Day in 1950. So, this year is my Mom’s 70th Mother’s Day celebration. I hope she has a great Mother’s Day weekend and sees many family members. I know I want to see her.

Second, May is the earliest safe month to set out a variety of blooming plants. For years, I have enjoyed adding colorful blooms outside the house. The number of plants vary from year to year. Although I don’t have hard-and-fast rules about how many or what kind of plants to include, I have learned that each one has to be watered daily – for months, definitely a limiting factor. I look forward to finding and setting out some healthy plants that will bloom through the warm months. For me, those blooming plants are definitely a pleasure.

Third, for years I had to get my growing girls into bathing suits that fit by the end of May. After all, when school was out, the swimming pools opened. And my daughters liked the water, the sun, and the socializing. When they were young, I usually began buying their bathing suits in March. Those swim suits also had to pass their dad’s approval. The month of May was a good deadline for finding my girls’ summer swimwear. Even though additional swim suits might be purchased later, my daughters began the season with new swimwear that fit them. Thankfully, this task is no longer mine.

May likely has different associations for different people. My associating May with Mother’s Day, blooming plants, and bathing suits is related to my family history. And I’m very thankful for that history.





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