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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

Spring projects have been on my mind and on my to-do list all month. Thankfully, I am making progress. Wondering whether others also have spring projects, I asked friends and family, “Do you have home or yard projects that you want to complete this spring or early summer?” Responses indicated that many are working on improvements. The replies are listed below.

-Yes, at the farm house, I need to make flower beds and at the house around the pool, I want to add a flower bed.

-Clean out the weeds and put in a fire pit.

-Not this year. I’m just going to play it simple and put out a couple of ferns.

-Always! Our yard is a work in progress every year. We always seed and fertilize the grass every spring. We lost two bushes over the winter that need replacing. Pampas grass needs the old cut out of it. Acorns and sticks need to be raked out of the front grass. I have already weeded the back flower bed and have bought Preen to put on it so weeds won’t come back. I need to weed the side flower bed. The wind blew our large bird feeder off the deck. I hope to glue it back together and secure it to the deck rail. The deck needs to be re-stained, too.  This is only about one-third of what needs to be done outside. I haven’t been to a greenhouse to buy pretty blooming flowers to brighten everything up yet either.

-Finish our house.

-Yes, so many! I want to mulch and to plant a few flowers in pots first, and then start growing herbs again. I also want to hang lights around our deck and plant mosquito repellent plants in large pots.

-Oh, we have too many projects. We plan to redo the landscaping. We just got new gravel and are putting some in the grill and fire pit area.

-I’m going to do some landscaping. Maybe.

-We’re getting a fence put up to enclose the backyard and getting some outdoor furniture.

-We are completely redoing the landscape around the house along with painting shutters and replacing outdoor lights. We also want to cut down a tree.

-I certainly do. I haven’t been able to do any yet. I have inside and outside projects to do. Hopefully, I will get them done. The inside projects may turn into summer projects. The outside projects need to be done sooner.

-I need to clean out my storage building and give it a paint job.

-I plan on replacing our privacy fence.

-We plan to repair and paint a whole lot of fence soon. A whole lot….

-There are many projects I’d like to complete. I’m too old and stiff to do them.

-Many! I want to add more rock to my landscaping, move plants, wash and stain my porch, and do some dirt work and plant grass around back.

-I want to get rid of the rocks around the flower beds and plant some new flowers.

-Paint the kitchen and rework the laundry room.

-Let me count the ways: mulch, sidewalk, trimming, clean the deck – just to name a few. But, bottom line, whether it gets done or not, I am alive and healthy (based on what I know today) and able to enjoy the wonders of spring.

Many of us see ways – especially around our homes – that we want to make improvements. As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I’m not sure about the makes-me-stronger part, but my spring projects haven’t killed me yet either.


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