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Patty Craig; A Slice Of Time

Each season seems to bring its own events and tasks. I have become thankful for the seasons: change is good. With this spring’s arrival, three things have gotten my attention: yard work, spring cleaning and a family wedding. It’s looking like a busy spring.

First, my yard demands attention more often than not. This year I don’t have any big projects. My spring yard work includes several small tasks: picking up fallen limbs and the litter that has blown into the fence line, replenishing the soil in the flower beds, planting flowers for the warm months, and mowing. I hope to complete the clean-up work in April, then add soil and flowers in May. Of course, mowing is a three-season task. Thankfully, I will enjoy the yard work. 

Second, at my house, spring cleaning is about to begin. I have a plan (Isn’t that the hardest part?). I will clean one or two rooms each week, ending with the garage in late May. During that timeframe, I will also wash the windows. However, the kitchen requires much more time than any other room. Kitchens have so many areas to clean. When I finish a room, my reward is that the room is cleaner and the task is complete. And doesn’t a clean house just feel better? 

Third, my grandson’s wedding is near. Weddings are times of celebration. Like any grandmother, I want my grandchildren to be happy. Mignon McLaughlin said, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person” (Top 10 Marriage Quotes - BrainyQuote). I remember telling my late husband that choosing my partner in life was easier than choosing a career path. I pray my grandson and his bride have a long, happy, loving marriage. 

Spring has arrived. I hope to complete the yard work, the spring cleaning and attend my grandson’s wedding – each requiring some planning and effort. Thankfully, spring didn’t just bring tasks, it also brought celebration. 


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