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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

We’re nearing the midpoint of 2020, and I’ve been thinking about three events. For me, Father’s Day, Independence Day, and my mom turning 90 are noteworthy. These events are mile markers.

First, we celebrated Father’s Day last Sunday. It’s a day to honor our fathers and the influence they have had on us and in society. Both my father and my husband are deceased, but I am very thankful for their lives. In a group text Sunday, my siblings and I took time to remember the many good fathers in our family – the living and the deceased. Just like many of you, we have been blessed. Parenting is a tough job, and good fathers deserve a bit of recognition, even in death.

Second, Independence Day is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s commonly associated with fireworks, fairs, barbecues, and family reunions. Due to COVID-19, the Catfish Festival and Morgantown fireworks have been cancelled this year. So, the 4th of July activities will look different in Morgantown and likely across the country. I hope it is a peaceful day for our nation – a day without rioting and injury.

Third, my Mom will have her 90th birthday on July 7. What a blessing! Mom is independent, caring for herself, her home and her personal business. She doesn’t like to drive too far from home, but still drives locally. My mom has one brother, six children, a pack of grandchildren, as well as other family and friends who will want to wish her well. I am blessed that my mom has been so healthy. Hopefully, I will be able to follow in her footsteps.

At this 2020 midpoint, Father’s Day, Independence Day, and my mom turning 90 are milestones.  Reese Witherspoon said, “…You have to celebrate the good” (  I am thankful for good fathers, our freedoms, and my Mama.


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