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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

Last week, I made some very important purchases: Valentine’s gifts for family members. Though my family wouldn’t worry if I didn’t celebrate the holiday, it gives me an excuse to do something unnecessary for them. The way we celebrate Valentine’s Day varies, contributing to the surprise.

Since we choose whether we celebrate this holiday, I wondered about others’ plans. So, I asked friends and family, “Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so, how do/will you celebrate?” Their responses are below:

-Yes, I enjoy buying candy for people I love, not because I feel like I have to, but I just like reminding them how much I love them.

-I do – not just for my boyfriend, but for everyone I love. Whether it’s a gift or just a “Happy Valentine’s Day!” It makes me feel good.

-Yes, with dinner and time together.

-This year, we opted not to spend any money on Valentine’s Day, choosing to put that money toward my car loan instead. We’re pretty romantic that way. But really, we rarely do anything really special for Valentine’s Day anyway, so it wasn’t a great big sacrifice. With Dave Ramsey and God on our side, we’ve knocked out crazy amounts of debt! We’re so, so, so thankful.

-We don’t celebrate it really. We get the boys something small and that’s about it. The boys both have dirt bike Valentine cards to give to friends.

-I don’t really celebrate, but do wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day and generally wear something with hearts on it.

-Just a card, and that’s about it.

-We try to have a nice dinner and relax at home.

-My wife doesn’t celebrate, so I don’t either.

-I usually send cards to the grandchildren. They’re getting a little old for that. I need to get a little more creative!

-Not really. If we do, we usually go out to eat somewhere nice. No gifts usually.

-No, we don’t celebrate.

-I spend time with family!

-I always get my husband and the kids a little treat of some kind just for fun.

-Valentine’s Day is a day to honor that person in my life with a treat, flowers and poetry. Sometimes it’s celebrated by a special date to express my love and respect.

-Just cards and an ice cream cake usually.

-If I celebrate, I enjoy having pizza and a Dairy Queen cake with my grandkids. But as they’re getting older, they like making their own plans sometimes. I like doing things with them because I know one day that will be rare – hopefully a little farther down the road.

-Not for me - it is just another day. But, it is an opportunity to celebrate my love for my grandkids.

-I feel like Valentine’s Day, like so many holidays, has turned into a competition that is fueled by marketing. For myself, I’d rather have a single rose or an act of kindness on a random day than a dozen roses and fine chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

-We go to Rough River Park and spend the night. They have a dance and dinner.

-Every year is different, but we always celebrate in some small way. Usually I cook or order his favorite meal, we have a date night, and gifts are exchanged. He usually gets me something to pamper me, which is my favorite!

-We’re going to go to a nice restaurant and then to the movies. Nothing too crazy this year!

-We usually go out with about 2-3 other couples. We go eat and then watch a movie.

-I’ll be making heart pizzas with my kiddo.

The American radio host Delilah said, “I have never once celebrated a Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday. For me, it’s another opportunity to tell my kids or whoever how much I love them” ( I agree: it is an opportunity to show others our love. However it’s celebrated, the day is about loving hearts.



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