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Patty Craig : A Slice of Time

Last weekend, my grandson mentioned the amount of taxes taken out of his earnings. He commented that he didn’t like paying so much in taxes. His mother responded, “Welcome to the adult world.” Overhearing this, I thought there are likely many things we don’t particularly enjoy about being responsible adults.

My own list of dislikes related to being responsible is not long, but it is real. I decided to ask friends and family, “What is one thing you dislike about being a “responsible adult”? Their responses are listed below:

-Working all the time so bills can be paid but no time for fun things like when I was a kid and played a lot.

-Cleaning house and doing laundry.

-Being responsible. The burdens of making money to pay the bills to make sure everything runs and works for you and the family. It’s not that you dislike doing it, but just knowing that you have to do it.

-Paying bills and not being able to do whatever I want with the money I make.

-Paying for everything.

-Paying bills.

-Only one? I could choose 4! Ok, it’s paying bills or not ever being able to get away from responsibilities, even if you are “away.” But, those responsibilities are also blessings, so I guess my number one dislike is paying bills. 

-Being held accountable for someone else’s irresponsible actions.


-Oh, such a tossup between laundry and paying bills.

-The stress of trying to be perfect to your children, to your friends, to your job…. Sometimes I just want not to have the burden of taking care of everyone else, especially when it seems I am always the one to bend.

-Choosing between doing without or forking over the cash!

-I wouldn’t know what it’s like to be a responsible adult. I haven’t made it there yet.

-Helping the “irresponsible.” I wish my “give a dam” was busted.

-Being responsible for all the decisions. I worry about making mistakes about important things.

-Work and bills!

-The pressure and stress!

-Being the responsible adult. Adulting is hard!

Abraham Lincoln said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today” ( As adults, we make choices. And, yes, ‘adulting’ is hard.



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