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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

I have decided that I like online tools and articles that provide comparative information. This information is something I seek prior to making a decision. Recently, I have read comparative information about tires, streaming services, and Bible translations. 

First, knowing I will purchase new tires before too many months pass, I went to for information. This site allows a person to shop by vehicle or by tire size. All the tires fitting your vehicle within their inventory are shown with prices. Using the “Tire Decision Guide” ( and answering a few questions about driving preferences and conditions, the guide will recommend a tire or tires to match your answers. Even though I’m unlikely to purchase tires online, I liked getting the recommendation. Having this information makes me feel more confident about purchasing good tires.

Second, I have often speculated about which streaming service is the best. In a recent article, Jacqueline Curtis compared Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime as providers for streaming movies and shows. She concluded, saying: “The overall pros and cons of each service can be easily summed up as follows:

•Netflix offers a huge selection, but is the most expensive of the three options, especially if you settle on a membership that includes DVD delivery.

•Hulu Plus updates TV episodes faster, but you must sit through commercials during your viewing. Hulu Plus does not offer a title selection as extensive as Netflix.

•Amazon Prime is the “baby” of the group, but it’s growing rapidly and is the cheapest service available – as long as you’re comfortable agreeing to a year-long commitment. While it doesn’t feature a selection as extensive as the other two services, it offers membership perks that the others do not” (

Based on this summary, the “best” streaming service is definitely a personal decision. Yet, I believe reading the comparison was useful. I have found that the experiences of others can help to identify the problems of a service or product.

Third, knowing I need a new study Bible, I searched online and found an article by Chapter 3 Ministries that explained Bible translations: “Today’s English Bibles tend to fall into one of three categories. There are those that lean towards a word-for-word or essentially literal translation, those that lean more towards a thought-for-thought translation, and those that paraphrase the meaning (paraphrases). Some Bibles are a blend of two different types” ( This article also provided charts, clearly indicating into which of the three categories a translation would fall. I found the charts very informative.

Comparative information is very helpful. If I can find a product with which I am pleased, then I don’t have to shop very long. So, online comparison tools and articles are good places to start.


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