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Patty Craig: A Slice Of Time

I came across the following statement: “Experience is the best teacher, and the worst experiences teach the best lessons.” This statement has the ring of truth, even though it’s not true every time. Some of our learning is the result of tough experiences or the result of doing what is needed.

Thinking about this statement, I asked friends and family: “Some say experience is the best teacher. What is something you’ve learned through experience?” Their responses were:

•Almost everything in my life! Do things right the first time, and you won’t have to do them a second time.

•Besides life in general, cooking is the first thing I can think of.

•Mechanical skills.

•Most things can be worked out if people are willing to compromise for the greater good.

•Have respect for money. If you respect its value, work for it, and spend it wisely, it will reward you.

•Parenting. There are many books on the subject, but none can prepare you more than the actual experience.

•When to keep my mouth shut! Believe it or not.

•Listen! Listen! Listen!

•God has a plan!

•I used to get excited about expecting something in the future, but I’ve learned to wait and see what happens.

•I have learned that even when life is hard, God is still good.

•I’ve learned a lot the “hard” way by experience. What comes to mind is about counting blessings and realizing that what you have is very likely a good thing and it’s worth fighting for. Even if you have to fight your own foolishness and your pride. Hold onto what is dear and don’t listen to your ego.

•Everything I’ve learned seems to be from experience. I’ve learned that family is as important as I was raised to believe it was. I’ve learned that when I make major decisions without praying about it first, it never ends well. And, I’m learning to be quieter than I used to be, to use restraint in what I want to say because of my job.

•That I can’t appreciate the good times as much without having experienced the bad times.

Joel Wagner said: “As much as we like to claim otherwise, most of the greatest learning that happens in our life is from when we either completely mess things up, or else when we…run into an amazing streak of good luck” ( Going through various situations and doing things ourselves can certainly become learning experiences. So, experience is definitely a good teacher – even when we don’t want to learn some things.


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