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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

Mother’s Day is approaching, and it brings to mind how hard my mom had to work to take care of my siblings and me. She was and still is a good mother – a blessing. I believe most mothers are much like my mom. 

Wondering what others treasure about their mothers, I asked family and friends: “What is/was your favorite thing about your mother? (Example: a trait, a behavior, a memory, etc.).” Their responses are below:

•She’s great! It’s hard to pinpoint one thing. She’s kind and considerate, treating everyone the same.

•Her willingness to always help out. She was never too busy for anything and did everything with a smile.

•She loves and nurtures everyone, not just her family.

•Her love for helping others. 

•Her charity. Most people don’t know how much she does and gives to others.

•She made the best chocolate chip cookies and always made Christmas special with baking and gifts.

•My mom was an excellent cook and seamstress. I’m thankful for all the things she taught me how to do.

•Gosh. I don’t think I can pick one thing. Her goodness. She is just a good person.

•Family care, especially cooking, even though I didn’t realize it at the time.

•Trait: how eager she is to help people.

•My favorite thing about my mother was that she radiated joy. All the time – in public and in our home. She always carried an aura of love and joy.

•She loves me despite my many flaws.

•It is hard to say…. She was tough, never gave up, loved me without question, and always gave more than she received. So if it has to be one thing, then her daily example of what a person should be. Having said that, my favorite thing was probably her voice. I still hear it every day: counseling me – what she would do, laughing at me when I do something stupid. And when no one is around, I talk to her. So, her voice of wisdom is still with me every day. Thanks, Mama.

•Mom’s behavior.

•My favorite thing about my Mama is how she loves me. She shows me unconditional love and looks for ways to help me in order to make my life easier. There is something special about a mother’s love.

•One of the things I admire most about my mom is the way she kept going after my dad died. Watching her grieve without crumbling allowed my sisters and me to follow a powerful example.

•I can’t choose one thing, but the traits that come to mind first are her determination (from raising three kids while going to night school to getting her doctorate), her work ethic (whether she is cleaning or raking leaves or mowing, she can out work us), and her warmth (she is unconditional love in a warm hug and always stands outside to wave goodbye to me). Mama is our proofreader, editor, prayer warrior, chef, horticultural advisor, and encourager, and I need her more than I need Google.

•Her love for life and outgoing personality. She was, as they say, the life of the party.

Trying to identify the favorite thing about our mothers is not easy. And we all know our mom is the best, right? As Leonardo DiCaprio said, “My mother is a walking miracle” ( Well, mine is, too. Happy Mother’s Day, Mamas!



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