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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

Our south central Kentucky landscape is absolutely beautiful right now. I am enjoying the varied greens across the fields and in the trees. Spring flowers are showing off, too. Considering springs past, I believe I have looked forward to this spring more than any other. I am enjoying the beauty of the landscape, the warmer weather and the longer days. 

Wondering what others like about spring, I asked friends and family: “What about spring are you enjoying?” Their responses are below:

•The extra daylight and warmer weather.

•We are really enjoying spring break. My boys have enjoyed riding dirt bikes, and we are taking a short trip to St. Louis for the zoo and city museum.

•Being outside and spending time with friends and family.

•Being in the fresh air, watching the trees bud and flowers bloom and getting the backyard ready for summer.

•It’s still daylight sometimes when I get out of work now. Also, I love seeing the blooming yellow flowers and the budding trees, etc.

•Nothing. I’m on 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

•Warmer weather and sunshine! They motivate me to do spring cleaning and yard work (Then there’s the allergies.).

•Newness, hope for a better year and a better life. Now that I’m older, the reality that I have more springs behind me than in front of me causes me to live in the moment. Spring is a new start.

•Blue skies on sunny days!

•Walking in the park, flowers blooming and mowing.

•Warmer weather.

•I always look forward to the colors of spring!

•Being able to be outside and the days being longer!

•The 60-70 degree days have been wonderful! The sunshine has been good for my soul! I also love that it’s already getting dark later.

•The warm weather and the beautiful flowers!

•Spring break!

•Good weather for outdoor walks with the hubby and the dogs.

•Flowers, warm weather, spring and summer clothes.

•Longer days, more daylight, and warmer temperatures.

•I’m loving the warm weather. And this week I’m really enjoying the sunshine!

•Baby animals, flowers, fishing, and bonfires.

•Warm weather, and being able to go outside without wearing a coat.

•Flowers and things turning green, warm weather, time at the cabin, riding 4-wheelers in the mud, and it not being so cold at 5 a.m. when I leave to go work out.

•Green grass and warm weather.

Spring has certainly brought beauty to our landscape. Robert Orben said, “Spring is God’s way of saying, ‘One more time!’” ( Let’s soak up some of these spring blessings.


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