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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

Spring break for our school children begins soon. Most of those students will be excited for the break. Some will take advantage of the time by resting, some of the older students will work, and some will travel – for a day or for a few days. Many adults also take time off during the spring. And most people’s spring break plans vary from year to year.

Wondering whether friends and family have travel plans this spring, I asked: “If you have a break in the spring for a vacation or a ‘staycation’ (stay-at-home vacation), what are your plans this year?” The responses were varied and are listed below:

•I don’t have any special plans. I’ll stay home and get some work done.

•Went to bike week in Daytona, Florida. Put some miles on the Harley and enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine.

•We’re going to the cabin.


•We are going to St. Louis for the first time. We plan on going to the city museum, the magic house (which is a children’s museum), and the zoo. Oh, and the boys are excited to have a hotel with an indoor pool.

•I am very busy during spring break, so it will be a daycation. We would like to go to the ark.

•What spring break? 

•Stay home and piddle or work on stuff.

•I probably won’t be allowed to take off from work at that time due to our computer upgrade, etc. But when I’m off work in the spring, I plan to set out flowers, clean out flower beds, and clean the house.

•I’m taking the grandkids to Disney.

•House cleaning and yard work.

•I’ve already had my spring break vacation! Daytona Bike Week 2019!

•I plan to just enjoy being home. My staycation is to be home and experience me….

•Staycation – working on home improvement projects. Vacation – camping trips!

•Staycation this year unless the weather is good. If it’s good, we may drive over to the beach.

•This year for spring break, I’m tagging along to the beach with my kiddos. I’ll get to soak up the sun and play in the sand with my youngest and my grandson. I look forward to making memories.

•Bike Week in Daytona!

•I plan to start organizing and pricing a lot of things for a big family yard sale.

•Spring clean and clean up outside. The patio furniture needs to be cleaned, porches need to be cleaned, etc.

•I want to go to Noah’s ark and the creation museum in Northern Kentucky. 

•I hope to spend a couple of days with my grandchildren. 

Spring break is a good time to do some of the things we want to do, whether that involves traveling or staying home. I saw a quote on Pinterest that I know to be true: “Teachers count down the days until spring break, too.” I trust the upcoming break will provide both teachers and students some time to rest. And I hope we all get a day or two to do whatever we want this spring.


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