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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

February – the shortest month – can bring the worst winter weather to our region (though I’m hoping it doesn’t). I was reading online and found some interesting information about this second month of the year. February seems to be a good month for babies, has a variety of celebrations, and historically – no surprise – has cold weather.

First, a Good Housekeeping article, “17 Fascinating Facts about People Born in February” (, was thought-provoking. Author Jamie Ballard stated that February babies are taller and possibly smarter, explaining: “According to a study of 21,000 children done over seven years, winter babies ‘were significantly longer at birth, and were heavier, taller, and had larger head circumference at age 7. They also had higher scores in a series of intelligence exercises.’” Furthermore, Ballard said that “researchers found a 10% spike in premature births in January and February.” These winter babies are definitely blessings – just as in any season. 

Second, many celebrations are scheduled in the month of February. Some of them are listed below (;

•First week of February: African Heritage and Health Week

•American Heart Month

•Bird-feeding Month

•Black History Month

•Canned Food Month

•Cherry Month

•National Children’s Dental Health Month

•Chocolate Lovers Month

•Creative Romance Month

•Grapefruit Month

•Hot Breakfast Month

•Potato Lovers Month

•Snack Food Month

Also, some specific celebration dates included February 3 - Carrot Cake Day, February 5 - Weatherperson’s Day, and February 9 - Read in the Bathtub Day. The month is certainly packed with both familiar and unfamiliar celebrations. 

Third, Kentucky Februarys usually pack a winter punch. The Weather Channel ( predicted that “temperatures are expected to be below average overall from the South to the mid-Atlantic from January through March 2019…. February is expected to be the most unusually cold month for those regions.” Looking at our state’s weather history, the average February temperatures and snowfall amounts for four selected Kentucky cities (; are: 

PlaceHigh °FLow °FInches of Snowfall

Bowling Green         50            30         3.0

Henderson         47         29         4.1

London         50         29         3.1

Louisville         48         30                    4.5

If we are near the average temperature for Bowling Green, the remainder of this month won’t be too bad.

February seems a good month for babies and celebrations, and it’s the last month of the meteorological winter, bringing an end to the coldest of the winter weather. It’s also short. So, let’s bundle up and enjoy the month.


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