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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

A residential garage is a wonderful luxury. Whether it’s attached or detached, a garage is usually built to house vehicles and for storage. Garages are also used to store tools, bicycles, lawn mowers and other items. Since they are used for storage and as work space for projects, some people don’t store their vehicle(s) in their garage.

A typical garage, as defined by most cities and counties in the United States, is 20 feet by 20 feet - for a total of 400 square feet ( According to APM Buildings, two-car garages are the most common in America ( Garage size will vary based on intended use and location. The construction cost also varies. The estimated cost per square foot reported on various websites ranged from $20 to $90. The range in cost may depend on location, the type of materials chosen and design, such as insulation, drywall, plumbing, electrical options, ventilation, and floor finish. A website called stated that the cost of building an attached garage is less than that of building a detached garage (

My late husband tore down the decades-old garage that stood by our house before our purchase, and years later, we finally had another constructed. Our garage is very functional. When it was first built, I told myself that we would keep it organized. We planned to park our vehicles inside and to store tools and occasionally-used items. We installed several heavy-duty shelving units along the walls of our garage, and I could not imagine ever filling them. But, that was a few years ago, and indeed, they are now full.

Recently, I worked to clean up the garage a bit. I put away the tubs of Christmas and Easter decorations that I had left on the floor following those holidays. I reorganized my flower pot area, anticipating outdoor planting for summer. I moved my daughters’ yard-sale items to one area. Then a friend and I used a leaf blower, a broom, and a mop to clean the floor, getting rid of the past winter’s dirt.

I am thankful for my garage. It is well-built and functional. And, it’s a luxury I’d hate to live without.


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