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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my house. I’ve been doing a little decorating. I don’t decorate to the degree that many do, but I do have a wreath, a few holiday decorations, and a tree. Currently, the tree is a work in progress.

 A couple of years ago, a survey regarding holiday decorating trends found that:

  • 10 percent decorate before November
  • 16 percent decorate in early November
  • 17 percent decorate in mid-November
  • 19 percent decorate the week of Thanksgiving
  • 25 percent decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving
  • 10 percent decorate the first week of December
  • 3 percent decorate the second week of December (

These statistics are pretty amazing, showing 43% decorate early, 44% decorate the week of and weekend following Thanksgiving, and 13% decorate in December. I was surprised that so many decorate so early.

 I decided to ask friends and family about their holiday decorating timeframes. Their responses are listed below:


  • ·       November, the weekend after Thanksgiving.


  • ·       I’m not a big decorator. I put up a tree, but that’s about it.


  • ·       This year for the first time ever, we started before Thanksgiving even though there will be no one but us. I’ve decided that since there’s so much work involved, it needs to last awhile. I just heard a few days ago that homes with Christmas lights outside were happier homes. Yay for us!


  • ·       My first child was born on December 19th, so she always has to share her birthday with Christmas. When she was still at home, I didn’t decorate until after her birthday so her birthday didn’t get overshadowed by Christmas. Now that she is grown up and I am older and slower, I decorate right after Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the lights and tree longer.


  • ·       Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving.


  • ·       Mine gets more minimal each year. No one sees them until Christmas Day, and then they focus on gifts, not décor. Oh well.


  • ·       We’re late to the party on Christmas décor. We don’t decorate until the weekend we get out of school for Christmas break.


  • ·       Usually right after Thanksgiving.


  • ·       Next day after turkey day. If not, I feel like it does not stay up long enough for the effort. But I want it down before January 1st.


  • ·       Normally, not until the weekend after Thanksgiving; but this year, I put it up the day before Thanksgiving. I wanted the kids to enjoy it a little longer.


  • ·       Usually December and sometimes late, but by the middle of the month anyway. I still have my fall stuff out right now or at least some of it.


  • ·       Last week of November, the weekend after Thanksgiving.


  • ·       We decorate early in December, now that we use an artificial tree.


  • ·       I decorate the week before Thanksgiving so the family members who come to our house on Thanksgiving can see the decorations and tree. Plus, that just means I get to enjoy it a little longer!


  • ·       I begin with the tree on Thanksgiving Day. Then I do a little each day. I like to leave things out well into January.


Of the family and friends who responded, the majority reported decorating for the holidays near Thanksgiving Day.

 Ashley Tisdale said, “I love Christmas, not just because of the presents but because of all the decorations and lights and the warmth of the season” and Mary Ellen Chase said, “Christmas…is not a date. It is a state of mind” ( I think they were both correct, and holiday decorations help us to celebrate the season.



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