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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

Ah, fall break! Many public schools have a fall break built into their calendars, usually in October. In Kentucky, about 78 percent of the public school districts have a fall break, whether it’s a long weekend or a week. In my opinion, fall break is a good addition to the school calendar.

For more than a decade – since 1999-2000, Butler County School District has included a week-long fall break in its calendar. For several years before that, the district had a long weekend fall break. As a grandmother and a former educator, I think fall break is great. It’s a good time for everyone to relax, enjoy the cooler weather and spend time with family.


Fall break is a time for families to vacation, a time to visit extended family or friends, and for children, a time off from their school schedule. Many will enjoy lazy mornings and late nights, reminiscent of summer days. I’m sure my grandchildren will swear the week flew by!


One dictionary explains “break” as “an interruption in continuity” or “an abrupt, significant, or noteworthy change or interruption in a continuous process….” But, I decided to use another way to describe fall break:


Fun times, festivals, fall flowers


Atmosphere cooling


Leaves turning, falling


Laughter in the air


Bonfires, breathe deeply, band and football


Rakes, road trip, read for fun, relief, release, relax and rest


Excited, eager, easy days, eating


Acorns falling, apples ripened


Kicking back, keep it simple


Fall was always my late husband’s and two of my daughters’ favorite season. The cooler weather permits comfortable gatherings of friends and family as well as a variety of outdoor activities. Fall break gives many of us time to have some fun.


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