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Over 400 gather on the Green River for official opening of Butler County North Park

Over 400 people gathered on the banks of the Green River on Saturday night, July 15, as county officials officially opened Butler County North Park. Located in the Leonard Oak community of northwestern Butler County, the main feature of the park are two newly constructed concrete boat ramps - one just above the old Woodbury Dam and another just below it.  The Woodbury and Leonard Oak communities of Butler County are separated only by the Green River.

Butler County Judge-Executive David Fields welcomed those in attendance and spoke about the park/ramp project.  He publicly thanked numerous people for their contributions and support for the project, which has been in the works for the past 6-7 years.  A grant secured through the Barren River Area Development District played a key role in building the ramps and developing the park.  Construction of the boat ramps began in the fall of 2016. 


According to Judge Fields, the BRADD grant built the ramps, and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers gave some of the land to the county.  Local farmers Mike and Steve Fields and the Olsen family also donated land to the county for the ramps.

Pat Lawrence spoke briefly about how her father, Hilery “Jim Bat” Johnson, had championed the idea of a Leonard Oak Boat Ramp years ago and how grateful she was that the county has moved forward with the project.

The event also featured free food (grill-master James Woodcock), musical entertainment, and several door prizes.  Among those performing were  Leonard Oak Pickers, Collin Coots, Kenny Johnson, Millard Burden, Donnie West, Maitland Rice, and Tom Jones.  Several businesses and individuals in the community sponsored door prizes.

Future plans for the facility include the construction of pavilions, lighting, picnic tables, and the development of the park as a full-fledged campground.

won a rocking chair from Caneyville Builders.Johnson

Everything from a rocking chair, Yetti cups, shirts, gift cards, services, food, and cash was given out with 50 door prizes up for grab. 

Winners included Diddle Johnson, Chris Phelps, Cindy Cardwell, Kristen Brooks, Tammy Catathers, Tiffany Flener, Jessica Flener, Paul Burden, Devin Cain, Christian Finn, Karri West, Kathleen Young, Mac West, Jimmy Clark, Collen Phelps, Carolyn Porter, Jeherd White, Mike, Felty, Jeff Whittinghill, Orri Mills, Nedra Warren, Colby Higgs, Craig Brown, Bernice Deweese, Jo Karen Bratcher, Doris Martin, Merel Raymer, Tina Dockey, Kim Bryant, Kathy Miles, Jordan Johnson, Jerry Crittenden, Jordan West, Amanda Dockery, David Meier, Robin Nisan, Blake France, Amy McKinney, Valerie Martin, Brittany Hunt, Jesse Toms, Carroll Piech, Patty Tarrence, Billy Smith, Glen Dunn, Sarah Hunt, Tammy Brooks, Doris Vissing, and Debbie Givens.

Debbie Givens won $100 cash from Chad's Body Shop and donated it to Butler County Cancer Assistance in memory of Craig Givens. 






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