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OPINION: America's Revolutionary Moment

OUT ON A LIMB:  By John Embry

I am grateful for Hawk Newsome.  He is the Greater New York Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapter president.  Mr. Newsome was interviewed earlier this week by Martha MacCallum on her nightly show - The Story. 

When questioned by MacCallum about the movement and previous comments he has made, Newsome stated the following:  

 “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.  All right?  And I could be speaking...figuratively.  I could be speaking literally.  It’s a matter of interpretation.”

A few moments later he said … “I just want black liberation and black sovereignty, by any means necessary.”  

As I opened this column I said that I am grateful for Mr. Newsome...and I am.  I appreciate his honesty and his openness as to what his goals are and the goals of his movement - BLM.  

Although initially sparked by the killing of George Floyd, what is happening now in America has moved well beyond outrage over his death and the advocacy of certain measures to address situations like these.  The images we are seeing nightly on the news are about revolution.  And, Mr. Newsome doesn’t deny it.  

In his interview, he correctly points out that the American Revolution obviously wasn’t non-violent.  He smartly defends the Second Amendment, professes his belief is Jesus Christ - “ the most famous black radical revolutionary in history,” and even seems to condemn ambushing police officers. That’s good but the core of Mr. Newsome’s comments are his understanding that he and his movement are in the midst of a social revolution.  His comments about “burn it down,” “liberation,” “sovereignty,” and “by any means necessary,” reveal the ultimate goal of the movement.  Revolution.   

We are in the middle of a social revolution and large elements in society with their progressive political support system, media accomplices, and corporate benefactors are intent on destroying this nation.  This isn’t about continuing the march, albeit slow and fitful at times, toward progress, fairness and equality that this nation has been on since its founding.  It isn’t about reform and passing meaningful legislation (just ask Sen. Tim Scott) - unless it’s defunding the police - a cause being championed by BLM.  That narrative is gone. 

Armed organized mobs now roam the streets of many American cities, at least two police stations have been abandoned, police officers are vilified, property is still being destroyed, blatant racist rhetoric is being spewed by those seeking “social justice,” real facts are being ignored, occupation forces are moving in, and statues are being toppled by chains and ropes.  Apparently all of this is being done by the “peaceful protestors seeking to have their voices heard,” if you believe the oft-repeated media narrative.  It is naive to think that what you are seeing in cities won’t find its way to rural America.  It will. It’s wishful thinking to believe that these protests will run out of steam.  They won’t.  Remember, this is more than protests; it’s a revolution.  

Our nation is clearly in a revolutionary moment.  Do most Amerians know it?  I’m not sure.  Hawk Newsome knows it and his movement is clearly in the fight.  They are in the fight to win it, to totally transform American society into something unrecognizable.  I appreciate his candor.  I still believe that a clear majority of folks - of all races - reject this vision of America.  They condemn the violence and destruction, threats and intimidation that are taking place in many cities.  They support the police, law and order, justice for all, and oppose racism.  The mobs will tell you these things are mutually exclusive.  Don’t believe that; they aren’t.  Most Americans recognize that this country isn’t perfect, is a work in progress, but has made great strides toward creating a “more perfect union,” since its founding.  America’s revolutionary moment will ultimately have a victor.  Who will it be?     


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