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North Warren Elementary students visit D & G Hunting & Archery

The NASP students and coaches

The NASP class of North Warren Elementary School in Smith's Grove spent part of their summer vacation at D & G Hunting & Archery in Rochester on July 2nd.

The NASP winners

Amy Carter, Nasp coach, and helpers stated they wanted to keep the kids interested in archery while out of school so they came down and shot 3-D pop-up targets and balloons. Awards were given by D & G to Gracey Hammock, 1st place and Olivia Price, 2nd place in the girls division; Tanner Granue, 1st place and Cody Potts, 2nd place in the boys division; and Noah Kirtley won the balloon shot.

Coaches, parents, and grandparents had a great time as well as the kids. Of course, the coaches had to show off too!


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