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North Butler Elementary Mural

Fifth graders at North Butler Elementary School are leaving their mark on the school in a big way. For the fourth year in a row North Butler Elementary School fifth graders participated in a mural painting project. Jesse Ray Sims, an artist from Cave City, has worked with the students to implement his design from a scaled drawing to a life-size mural. In 2010, Sims worked with students to create an Appalachian themed mural. In spring of 2011 he worked with students in creating a Native American themed mural. In the fall of 2011 students worked to complete a literacy themed mural for the non-fiction section of the library. During his 2012 residency students helped in creating a mural for both the fiction and biography section of the library.

Over the course of three weeks students spend time participating in measuring, sketching, and painting. The acrylic-painted mural has a literary theme and is an original piece by Sims. The mural consists of a dragon, pirate, knight, mouse, rabbit, and many more fiction characters. The biography section includes a backdrop of The Starry Night and several historical people including Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, York, and Helen Keller.

This project was made possible by the Kentucky Arts Council, a state government agency responsible for developing and promoting support for the arts in Kentucky. North Butler Elementary was awarded $1620 through the Teacher Initiated Grant Program.

“The students have enjoyed participating in such a hands on project and feel a sense of ownership when they see their work on display,” NBES art teacher Kassie Decker said. “They are given the opportunity to learn, appreciate, and celebrate literary characters. Hopefully, this mural will create interest and help promote both the arts and reading for our students.”

The students concluded the project with a mural signing ceremony.



This is beautiful!!!! Way to go students.

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