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New Historical Marker Sign Honors Daniel Morgan

On Saturday, May 24 at 1 p.m, a program was held on Main Street in Morgantown for the unveiling of Butler County's most recent historical marker sign. This will be the 10th historical marker sign established in Butler County alone.

The program began with Roger Givens welcoming the guests and leading into the singing of the National Anthem by Melissa Johnson. Linda Keown stepped up to speak. Keown undelined the significance of the historical signs and how they play into Morgantown's "Respecting the past, stepping into the future." principal.

Becky Riddle, coordinator of the Kentucky Historical Marker Program expressed her joy in being a part of the new installment and extended gratitude to all those involved in erecting the new sign. Dennis Robbins took the stage next to tell the life story of Daniel Morgan and his contributions to the war.

Ladies representing the Butler County DAR then pulled the veil off, revealing the new sign.

The sign reads, "Born ca. 1755, he was a hero of the American Revolution. He served as a civilian teamster in French & Indian War and in Canada as an officer in Va. colonial militia. His defeat of Col. Tarleton at Cowpens, in S.C, was considered a tactical masterpiece for which he received a gold metal from Congress. Elected to Continental Congress & served 1 term before he died in Va., 1802."

Tapps was then played by Brian McClellan from the courthouse lawn before the program was adjourned. 

For more information regarding some of the other historical marker signs in Butler County, please view the video below.



The National Anthem was beautiful! I think it was the best I have ever heard.
What a wonderful article and video!

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