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New driver's license issued in Butler County

First new license issued in Butler County – Janet Black and Melissa Cardwell, BC Circuit Court Clerk

Butler County Circuit Clerk Melissa Cardwell is issuing the new and improved Kentucky driver's license.  Janet Black received the first new license in Butler County.

 “I am very excited about the installation of the new driver’s license equipment which benefits each licensed driver with enhanced security," said Cardwell.

The new license has multiple layers of security features, all linked to each other, so counterfeiters must compromise multiple technologies – not just one.

The licenses’ new features include:
• Digital watermark imperceptible to the human eye
• Bank note-level fine line printing
• Improved dual-side lamination for greater tamper resistance and durability
• Hologram with single-color, ultraviolet “ghost” image

Kentucky last updated driver’s licenses in 2001, with the introduction of digital licenses. The new format offered improved security. Kentucky was the first state to put the driver’s image in the bar code on the back of the license.

First Veteran Indicator License issued in Butler County - Andy Tutko, Army - pictured with his daughter, Lisa Southerland, Deputy Clerk

The new licenses feature veteran and organ donor designations.

Customers are not required to obtain new licenses until their current licenses expire. The process for obtaining or renewing a driver license will not change. The cost of $20 will also remain the same.

More information and answers to some frequently asked questions can be found on KYTC’s website:




I think It is about time that Butler County honors their vetrans, how ever I think that they should get their license free. Some States do not charge them for their drivers license (free for a lifetime). We went to Nashville last week and rented a motel room, when they became aware that my husband was a vetran they only charges us half price and thanked him for his service. It brought tears to my eyes and I felt proud that they honored him. I think we could do more for our vetrans in butler co.
I have 3 veterans in my family my 2 sons Casey Cox, Ronald Cox and my son-in-law Brad Smart. 2 of them are still serving their country, Ronald and Brad and I think all veterans should be able to have the veterans plates on there vehicles without having to pay extra for them. Arkansas and other states already show there veterans this honor so should Kentucky. I am very proud of their service to our country.

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