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NBES Second Graders Perform Musical

GO FISH, is the name of the musical performed by the second graders at North Butler Elementary School on Tuesday night and again on Wednesday afternoon.
“We are very proud of our second grade students, they have worked so hard,” said Principal Elaine Daugherty, as she welcomed everyone to North Butler.
 The musical featured a little tiger shark, played by Bailey West, who wanted to be friends with everyone in the ocean.  Along the way he meets a bunch of friends who also have their quirks: a seven legged octopus, an angel fish, a clown fish who isn’t funny, a needle fish, a star fish, a tuna and so on.  During the course of the musical all are reminded that is takes all kinds of fish to make the ocean a beautiful place and all kinds of people to make the world the same.

The cast included: Bailey West, Dylan Whittinghill, Hunter Davis, Skylar Whitehead, Tommy Hunt, Dayton Bratcher, Rylan Shumway, Luke Laughing, Spencer Goff, Ian Moore, Andi Hawkins, Abby Dockery, Ava Moore, Myia Deweese, Alex Elmore, Mary Hunter, Megan Steele, Graci Leach, Shawnee Johnson, Presley Gallagher, Kaylee Kinnison, Lacee Dockery, Easton Mason, Cedar Swift, Autumn Hawkins, Xander Bratcher, Allie Smith, Jaelyn Taylor, Taylor Raymer, Cody Deweese, Austin Mahaney, Ben Neal, Dawson Howard, Carson Miller, Taylor Miller, Alisha Howard, Jericho West, Carter Hawkins, Walker Inglis, Lucas Havens, Trenton Bryant, Mattie Smith, Lydia Smith, Jamie Shepherd, Katelyn Henry, Nena Gann, Carlie Jenkins, Jaden Klassen, Madison Kimmel, Haley Browning, Mary Tomes, Tommi Todd, Arianna Greenfield, Deja Keene, Latisha Johnson, Emily Winstead, Alexus Carmen, Kendra Basham, and Savannah Mestas.   
The play was directed and produced by Mrs. Crowder and Mrs. Decker.



Great play!!! It was so cool!! The kids did a great job and thanks to the directors. We really enjoyed it.
Things like this musical are what will be lasting memories in the mind of all involved. These students will NEVER forget their involvement in this endeavor which was directed & produced by the full time Music & full time Art teachers @ N.B.E. IT IS SUCH A SHAME WHEN teachers as talented as Mrs. Crowder & Mrs. Decker WILL HAVE TO ENDURE BUDGET CUTS NEXT YEAR AND WON'T BE ABLE TO DO A PERFORMANCE OF THIS MAGNITUDE WITH ANY OF THE ELEMENTARY STUDENTS FROM NBE OR MES. Mrs. Crowder won't even be the Music teacher next year & Mrs. Decker will be busy dividing her time between MES & NBE. Some of my memorable moments from teaching elementary students for 27 yrs. were when the students were involved in a performance which took in all subject areas not just music & art. It was such a wonderful experience to find out that the student that didn't read very well could sing well & the student who barely spoke a word without prompting could bellow out a dramatic part on stage. That is the one time when all students can take a part in a production & really find their niche. Congratulations to all that had a part in this production!

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