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Natalie Hughes Authors Children's Book

Natalie and her daughter Sabria

Anyone familiar with Cheryl Hughes (recently profiled in the BTN article "Cheryl Hughes: Renaissance Woman") won't find it at all surprising that one of her progeny, Natalie, has decided to pursue a career in writing. The unexpected part may be the type of prose that Natalie has chosen to compose: on September 5th, Heart-to-Heart Publishing will release Natalie's first book, a children's yarn called Goodie 2 Shoes.

Goodie 2 Shoes is the story of Goodie, a pair of shoes who lives in a shoe store until purchased by a young girl. After a while, the girl wears Goodie out and tosses them aside. To give away any more of the story would ruin it, says Natalie, "After all, not only do I want to sell it, but I want everyone to enjoy the story and not the summary."

Natalie says that she has always loved kids and wanted to write a story for them, a want that was surely increased after the birth of her daughter Sabria (who is now 17-months-old). Goodie's story in particular came to Ms. Hughes one night in a dream, "We all have a need to be needed, and what's one thing that everyone needs, and, if it were alive, would feel that need? Shoes."

The book is being published by Heart-to-Heart Publishing, a local publishing company ran by Linda Hawkins. This isn't Hawkins's first time working with a children's author: Heart-to-Heart published two books that were nominated for International Book Awards this year (including The Story of Norman by Laura JK Chamberlain, the winner in the "Children's Novelty & Gift Book" category). The illustrator for Goodie 2 Shoes is Mona Larkins, an artist from Madisonville. This is her third time working with Heart-to-Heart, and has also illustrated two of her own books as well.

On June 30th, Natalie will be selling autographed copies of Goodie 2 Shoes from 10 am until noon at the Trading Post in Morgantown. The price per book is $14.99 plus tax. If you can't make it to the Trading Post signing, you can pre-order copies by contacting Natalie directly (270-999-4040), or visiting the book's official website at ( All copies will come autographed for the same $14.99 price, plus $3.99 shipping. There will also be copies available at the BTN office at 107 West Ohio Street.




Congratulations to Natalie on a wonderful book. I had the privilege of reading her book @ New Image Care Care Ctr. where her dad had placed a copy for public viewing. I definitely want a copy of this amazing book. Both the story & the illustrations are absolutely precious! Phyllis Cook Tate
A must have book because it not only is fun for a child but also a learning tool. A book children will remember for years to come. Charlotte Finley

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