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MY DAR PATRIOT: By Jennifer Embry White

James Jones, born in 1753 in Virginia, served during the American Revolution in both South Carolina and in North Carolina having entered the service in January of 1779. He served part of the time as a Private and according to court pension documents and his own memory could also have been a captain. He served under Captains James Laird and Samuel Williams. He also served under Major William Fare and Colonels John Sevier and T. Brannon. Part of the time according to Service documents R5706V, he was in the Siege at Fort Augusta and could have been at the battle at Blackstocks. According to information given by him in 1834, at the age of 82, in the Butler County Court in an effort to qualify for a pension and again at age 90, he was also present for other skirmishes in the Carolinas. These documents also list officers he may have served under during the revolution.

 James Jones, my 6th great grandfather, was born in 1753 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. He was married to Nancy Vandever (1762-1850). He came to Kentucky with his family after the Revolution and died in Butler County, KY on 7 January 1843. James and Nancy had a daughter, Ellender “Nelly” Jones, my 5th great grandmother, born 22 April 1792 in South Carolina and died 25 June 1852 in Butler County, KY. She married James Long Phelps (1789-1862) on 31 December 1807 in Ohio County, KY. Nelly and James had a daughter Nancy Phelps, my 4th great grandmother in 1819 in Horsemill, Butler County, KY who died in 1860 in Edmonson County, KY. Nancy married William Goodwin (1814-1860) on 4 September 1834 in Edmonson County, KY. Nancy and William had a son, Thomas Goodwin, my 3rd great grandfather, on 3 January 1843 in KY. He died 0n 7 December 1905 in Butler County, KY. Thomas married Nancy Farris (1834-1903) on 17 April 1861 in Edmonson County, KY. Nancy and Thomas had a daughter, Nancy Dee Goodwin, my 2nd great grandmother, on 4 February 1874 in Butler County, KY. She died in Butler County on 29 December 1964. She married James Marshall Tomes (29 April 1872-11 November 1959) on 1 February 1895 in Butler County.  James and Nancy had a son, Wesley M Tomes, my grandfather, on 22 November 1900 in Butler County and died on 23 October 1966. He married Ordry Embry (22 January 1902- 23 April 1990) on 4 May 1920 at Butler County. They had a daughter Dorothy Agnes Tomes, my mother on 13 April 1925 in Butler County who died on 21 January 2010 in Bowling Green, Warren County, KY. She married McClellan Embry (30 July 1919-18 May 1998) on 9 October 1945 in Butler County, KY.


As part of America 250, the Butler County Chapter NSDAR members will be continuing our series of articles about our Patriots of the American Revolution. If you have a Revolutionary Patriot in your family line and are interested in joining our chapter please contact the Regent, Lynda O’Driscoll at 270.734.5137 or any chapter member.


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