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MPD Make Arrests After Break-In at Pizza Zone

The Morgantown  City Police have made arrests in an early week break-in at Pizza Zone in Morgantown. According to Officer Andy Gidcumb of the MPD four individuals have been arrested in connection with the burglary. Gidcumb told BTN that thieves used a crowbar to break in to Pizza Zone sometime between 10 and 11:30 on Sunday night. The burglars then used the crowbar to pry out and break into a floor safe. “That told us we were looking for some big guys right there,” said Gidcumb. The thieves also took the register cash, Monday startup cash, the tip jar money, and the quarters from the video arcade. All told the burglars made off with approximately $1,600 in total, including $650 dollars in quarters.
According to Gidcumb the MPD knew early on that they were looking for individuals that lived relatively close to Pizza Zone. “They were on foot. There were tracks coming across the parking lot and they matched footprints inside the building,” said Gidcumb. The case broke when Gidcumb questioned two suspects and they confessed when presented with the evidence. “Their shoeprints were a perfect match to the footprints at the scene,” said Gidcumb. Upon questioning the suspect told the MPD that he and his accomplices took the quarters to Walmart and cashed them in using their Coin-Star system. Officer Gidcumb said that sealed the case. “We contacted Walmart and their video shows our four suspects entering the store and using Coin-Star.”
Arrested were three adult males, and a juvenile female. The adults were;
Alex Oaks, (DOB  3-3-93), a former Pizza Zone employee is charged with Burglary 3rd Degree and unlawful transaction with a minor.
Tyler Oaks, (DOB 3-20-92) is charged with Burglary 3rd Degree
Thomas Brown, Jr., (DOB 1-18-92) is charged with Burglary 3rd Degree.
The adult suspects are lodged in the Butler County Jail.
Along with the money taken the thieves did close to $1,000 damage to the store.


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