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Morgantown Volunteer Fire Department Holds Annual Christmas Dinner

Doug Morris has been named Morgantown Volunteer Fire Department Fireman of the Year.  He received the award based on his contributions to the department throughout the year.

The award was announced Saturday, December 10 at the Morgantown Fire Department annual Christmas awards dinner.  About 60 people were in attendance.

Shawn Johnson, Dustin "Hog" Embry, and Garnett Williams
Garnett Williams was given the 110% award, Shawn Johnson was named the Most Improved Fireman, and David Rife (pictured below) was honored for over 20 years of service to the department. This was Rife’s last year as a volunteer fireman. Dustin Embry was also honored for making the most runs; Embry made 119 out of the 179 runs this year.

The Rife Family
The top run-makers for 2011 were Dustin Embry, Brian Hope, Tim Hampton, Brian McKinney, Jeff Chaney, Doug Morris, Easton Weathers, Garnett Williams, Marty Jones, and Zach Johnson.

Department Chief Tim Hampton told the crowd “We have had an eventful year.  There has been a lot of heartache in our county with 11 traffic fatalities and two house fire fatalities.  We’ve gone home with some heavy hearts many times this year.”  Hampton also said, “I am always humbled with I think of people involved with the fire department.  They’re some of the most honorable people I’ve ever dealt with.  They’ll get out of bed at 3:00 in the morning to help somebody that they often don’t even know.”

Morgantown Volunteer Fire Department members are Jeff Chaney, Dustin Embry, Steve Embry, Ronnie Givens, Stevie Givens, Matt Greenwood, Tim Hampton, Jeff Hawkins, Brian Hope, Terry Hunt, Dwayne Jenkins, Dwight Jenkins, Shawn Johnson, Zach Johnson, Marty Jones, Brandon Keown, Jim McDaniel, Charlie McKee, Brian McKinney, Doug Morris, Charles Price, Charlie Tomes, Doug Weathers, Easton Weathers, Adam Williams, and Garnett Williams.


Story and photos by Paige McKinney, Beech Tree News


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