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Morgantown Police Department 2019 Year End Report

Paul Evans, Jessie Burden, Chief Giles Taylor, R.T. Cox, and Nathan Barks

Morgantown Police Chief Giles Taylor presented the department year end report during the City Council meeting in January.  For the year of 2019 the department answered 3867 dispatched calls for service, executed 12 search warrants made 787 traffic stops, wrote 768 citations worked 132 traffic accidents, made 293 arrests, opened 283 criminal cases and worked 237 special details, bringing the total calls for service to 10,968.

Dispatched calls for service increased by 416 reflecting an 11 percent increase over last year alone.  This is reflecting a continuing upward trend in calls for service over the last 4 years.

All required training was completed and all state audits were passed.

Early in 2019 Officer Dauley retired and in mid-year Officer Nathan Barks, a five-year officer from Lexington Police Department joined the force.

The department completely replaced their weapons systems, long guns and side arms.  The rifles were 50 years old and belonged to the Air Force.  So, for the first time the police department actually owns it own completely modern patrol rifles.

Each officer has an active shooter kit which includes heavy armor, and completes monthly active shooter training which coincides with lockdown drills at school.

All patrol mobile computers were upgraded and the operating system of the patrol office computer was upgraded in preparation for NCIC in 2020.

Early last year Chief Taylor developed a new reporting system to identify at risk children called Savior Initiative.

“In August I introduced the idea and it was received favorably and informed that if it was successful it would be adopted at the state level. In October we modified juvenile operations policy and launched the program, school reporting began and we had immediate positive response. KSP introduced a modified version of the program at all posts statewide thru KYOPS,” said Chief Taylor.


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