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Morgantown Elementary's Leaders In Me

Morgantown Elementary celebrated their Leaders of the Week on Friday.  Congratulations to all the students and classes.

Classroom Leaders of the Week

Ace Hankins

Gavin Lenz

Natalie Lopez-Hernandez

Addison Dodson

Harmoni Armstrong-Stabley

Tatiana Flores-Cruz

Brody West

Bentley Flesner

Charli Webster

Wrangler Fugate

Israel Francisco Mateo

Rayden Johnson

Layton Flener

RheAnna Embry

Chaz Jensen

David Miller

Kylee Price

Izzy Hatcher

Kyree McCardle

Caleb Broesamle

Ivy Qiu

Gunner Vanmeter

Magdalena Gomez

Sebastian Jefferies


Overall Leader of the Week
Caleb Broesamle


Classes of the week

Art – Mrs. Wilson

P.E. – Mrs. Howars

Music – Mrs. Amos

Library – Mrs. Clark

Chinese – Mrs. Donaldson

7 Habits – Ms. Allen

Attendance – Mrs. Sitz



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