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Halloween 2011

The ghouls and goblins were out in force in Morgantown on Monday afternoon celebrating Halloween. The Beech Tree Media family passed out candy in front of our Morgantown office, located at 107 W. Ohio St, passing out candy and snapping photos of our trick-or-treaters. In addition to the candy and photos, several trick-or-treaters had the opportunity to speak to our radio listeners about their costumes and their favorite radio station (Beech Tree Radio of course!). We would like to thank all of our fans who stopped by to see our office and to pick up some candy. Some of our guests included Elvis Presley, Darth Vader, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, Mario and Wario, Superman, Spiderman, and an assortment of pirates, ninjas, and other ne'er do wells. Use the photo gallery above to view photos of all the trick-or-treaters who visited Beech Tree Radio.



There's my Aidan...Spiderman:)
The pictures are good but why are all of them not posted? There were a lot more than what is here I am sure of because I saw several there that are not on here.
Gail: We have over 120 photos that we're working on from last night. More will be posted over the next couple of days. We hope to have them all posted soon. Thanks for reading. John Embry/Beech Tree News
Thank you John for replying back to me and THANKS for posting the photos they are very good.
Thank you for taking these awesome pictures of all the trick-or-treaters!!
Thanks BTN the Halloween pics are great!!!!! Love looking at all the Kids....
What beautiful precious children Butler Co. has!

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