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Morgantown Care & Rehab Hall of Fame Inductee: Myrlene Cox

Myrlene Cox has been a very special part of Morgantown Care & Rehabilitation Center for years. Ms. Cox was born in Butler County, Kentucky on October 14, 1932. Her parents were William and Laura. Myrlene went to grade school in Butler County. Her father was a coal miner. She is a very proud coal miner’s daughter. She can remember her dad coming over the hill and snow all over the ground and he looked like a little black bug. When he walked through the door all the kids would gather around and see what candy he had to pass out. At age 17 she married Charles. They lived together 63 years. During this time, the loving couple had seven children, seventeen grandchildren, eighteen great grandchildren, and ten great-great grandchildren. The most important part of Ms. Cox’s life has been her family. The family went to church every Sunday at Leonard Oak General Baptist Church, where she loved everyone, and you could always find her smiling. Ms. Cox loves to sing and she especially likes to write songs. She could sit down, think of something, and write a whole song on that one thought. Her favorite type of music to write is gospel. She said they were always so sweet. What Ms. Cox would hope that people would say about her is that she was never mean to anyone. Ms. Cox’s has a great life here at Morgantown Care and Rehab. She loves everyone here and she takes one day at a time to strive to make it to Heaven in the end.


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