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Morgantown Care & Rehab Hall of Fame Inductee: Marguerite Porter Tuggle

Marguerite Porter Tuggle has been a very special part of Morgantown Care & Rehabilitation Center for years. Ms. Tuggle was born in Eden, Kentucky on June 19th, 1935. She was named after her oldest brother’s girlfriend Ms. Marguerite Humphrey. Ms. Tuggle had a happy childhood. She was fortunate to have more than most due to her father working hard to provide for the family and her mother being a homemaker who was a fantastic cook. Ms. Tuggle was the youngest girl of 9 siblings. She attended Eden School, a one room schoolhouse, until the tenth grade. Though she was a good student she said if given the choice she would not go back. After the tenth grade she started her career at General Electric in Owensboro, Kentucky for approximately 11 years. While working at GE she focused on saving her money. Ms. Tuggle loved fashion and her outfits. During this time, she made her own clothes on a non-electric sewing machine. This fashionista is very proud of her wardrobe and you will always see her dressed to the nines. In her spare time, Ms. Tuggle loves to dance. Even to this day, you can find Marguerite dancing as soon as you turn on a tune. She also likes to read. Her favorite book is Gone With The Wind. However, family is the most important thing to her. She married Charles Tuggle. They had two children, Chad and Candice. What Ms. Tuggle hopes that people will say about her is that she is honest, friendly and social. She loves to meet people, she is out going and a friend to everybody. She hopes that she is seen as somebody you can go to when you’re sad or hurt and that you can talk to her.


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