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Morgantown Bank & Trust's Spirit Card Program Pays Off For Butler Co. Schools

Morgantown Bank & Trust's  Spirit Card program saw another increase over the 1st quarter with total contributions to the Butler County School System of $3,558.66!

"This program has generated almost $15,000 to Butler County Schools since February of last year and we are excited to see its continued growth and participatio," said Jason Jones of Morgantown Bank & Trust.  

Brad Young of Morgantown Bank & Trust handed out the checks.

Here are the 2nd Qtr. Check Amounts:
 BCHS Principal Pat O'Driscoll accepts the checks.

BCHS Band Boosters  $784.68

BCHS Baseball Boosters $104.05

BCHS Football Boosters $299.95

BCHS Softball Boosters $252.23

BCHS Boys Basketball Boosters $108.64

BCHS Girls Basketball Boosters $108.64

BCHS Tennis Boosters $8.45

BHCS Soccer $ 21.50

BCHS Volleyball $90.93

BCHS Cross Country $192.78

BCHS Golf $82.49

BCHS Cheerleading $68.93

BCMS Principal Robert Tuck

BCMS $284.53

MES Principal Greg Woodcock
Morgantown Elementary School $ 665.44

North Butler Elementary School  $485.42




great program.... thanks MB&T!!!

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