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Morgantown Bank & Trust Hosts Annual Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, March 24th at 1:00pm, Morgantown Bank and Trust held their annual Community Easter Egg Hunt at the Charles T. Black City Park.

Over 150 residents of Morgantown seemed more than happy to brave the rain to watch as their children ran for eggs that were hidden among the grass.

Brayden Barks

Miranda Jones who was at the event with her son Grant Jones said that the egg hunt was “A good place to be despite the rain.”

The children who were able to find the eggs were treated to candy, money and some great prizes. At the end of the event, door prizes were also handed out.

The Easter Bunny was in attendance and took time to take pictures with some of the children. Darrell McKee was the announcer for the event.

"It is so nice of Morgantown Bank & Trust to host this event for the children," was echoed by several parents.




Story and photos by Kelly Hussung, Beech Tree News



As an employee of Morgantown Bank & Trust I would like to thank all those who attended our Annual Easter Egg Hunt. We had a great turn out considering the weather. We always have a good time and will be waiting to do it again next year..... Happy Easter:)
Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!! My little girl, Olivia wasn't feeling her best but said she had to go hunt eggs and said she couldn't miss the Easter bunny... She had a blast.. We went straight home after and to the couch she went with her winning Easter Basket.. Thanks Again, its nice to see the support shown to our kids.
So wish I was there with my lil prince and princess... but Thankfully their aunt took them... My lil Jenelle came home with a basket bigger than her... I really wish she would of went and got it herself... I can't wait until next yr to watch them myself... Great Job to the Morgantown Bank& Trust for keeping this tradition alive!!

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