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Morgantown Bank & Trust 2019 4th Quarter Spirit Card Program


The 4th Quarter checks have been cut!   The 4th Qtr. numbers were a record-breaking amount, and we are proud to announce a total donation of $9,117.27, bringing the 2019 program total to $33,620.68!

 Since the program started in early 2013, donations have totaled over $172,138.13.  

 These spirit card donations are made in partnership with our customers based on their use of their favorite school or program debit card.  This is 100% funded by the bank with the intention of enhancing the spirit of giving and to assist our youth throughout our community.  We encourage our customers to participate in this no-cost, no-hassle donation program by signing up for their card.  We hope you will encourage members of your group to sign up today!  Just call one of our offices at (270) 526-3881 or visit our website at   

 The bank, in addition, continues to inject a significant amount of resources in traditional support to our local groups with lots of volunteer hours, sponsorships, signs, fundraisers, and special projects such as signage, video equipment and facility enhancements.  As the bank celebrates its 140th year of business, we are proud to give back to numerous programs in our community and strive to for years to come.

 All Checks are being delivered to the schools and we can’t wait to see this program continue to do great things for our local schools and programs!   So, tell your friends, family, co-workers, sports teams, clubs and parents to switch to a spirit card today!



BCHS Choir

 $                 35.40

 Belmont Christian Academy

 $               194.88

 BCHS Archery

 $               291.72

 BCHS Band

 $               895.06

 BCHS Baseball

 $               289.71

 BCHS Boys Basketball

 $               509.05

 BCHS Cheerleading

 $               204.16

 BCHS Cross Country

 $               185.66


 $               451.26

 BCHS Football

 $               453.01

 BCHS Golf

 $               119.89

 BCHS Girls Basketball

 $               131.04

 BCHS Soccer

 $               140.75

 BCHS Softball

 $               511.46

 BCHS Tennis

 $                 64.70

 BCHS Volleyball

 $               202.20

 Butler Co Middle School

 $               457.75

 Foundation Christian Academy

 $               143.62


 $                 10.98

 Morgantown Elementary Archery

 $                        -  

 Morgantown Elementary

 $               917.37

 North Butler Elementary Archery

 $                        -  

 North Butler Elementary

 $               805.08

 Oak Ridge Christian Academy

 $               868.81

 South Warren

 $                 72.88

 Warren East

 $               105.43

 Warren Central 

 $               164.80

 Warren Central-Baseball

 $                 48.74

 Warren Central-Boys Basketball

 $                        -  

 Warren Central-Girls Basketball

 $                        -  

 Warren Central-Cheerleading

 $                        -  

 Warren Central-Football

 $                 11.33

 Warren Central-Softball

 $                        -  

 Animal Shelter

 $               771.82

 Butler County Bd Foundation

 $                 58.71


Qtr. Total

$ 9,117.27



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